Broken Fate

Paper Cut Dreams is a community for developers and players in which we bring a variety of online games and information. In each of our games, we use basic game systems and incorporate them into a well devised setting that will be enjoyable for a variety of players.

We also encourage RP education by providing an understanding team managers and storytellers. We also provide a unique OOC setting in which we can foster growth for both team managers and players.

We presently have an online chat in which uses the gaming system from the World of Darkness tm 1.0 system, Blood Wars. This chat is Mature rating due to the violence, graphic nature, and mature themes incountered in a World of Darkness tm setting.

With a brand new setting and system, Broken Fate, a modiied d10 system based off the World of Darkness tm and Deliria tm mechanics. In a completely orginal setting, Broken Fate offers a unique experience to play the hopes and adventures of human kind and supernatural beings.

Many thanks to Our Project's Trustees and Supporters:
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ZOMBIES! What more can be said, fight and struggle in an unique RPGsetting, Another Day, which involves Zombies in a present day setting in Westin, Florida.

In developement, Remnants will be an orginal setting Exatled tm game brought to you by Ben and team in assication with Paper Cut Dreams. Dark Traditions is another in developement game based on the standard World of Darkness tm setting brought to you Wayne and team in association with Paper Cut Dreams.

Still in its begining developement stages, the wonderful new game Fable's Square based off the system of Deliria tm. in which Fable's Square Story and game will be delevoping under PCD.

Check out each of the sites to learn more.

News Annoucements

Contest Winners posted

A list of Winners has been posted to the main eGroup of each game as well as personal letters sent to those winners

If you have won, and you have not received a letter of notification please contact Admin.

Submitted on: 2005-10-19

Obsidian T-shirts going fast

The Obsidian T-shirts are about to be removed from the market. This will be the last month to get them. So own a part of history, a piece of Obsidian.

Submitted on: 2005-10-19


Welcome to Paper Cut Dreams

We have recently updated our site to include a new look as well ease of function.

Submitted on: 2005-08-03

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