The Code of Conduct

We at Paper Cut Dreams would like to ensure our members come into a working community which fosters growth, education, politeness, and respect amongst one another. These are two way adventures, in which you get what you serve. Paper Cut Dreams wants the environment to promote these positive behaviors. Should a member, staff member, or player conduct themselves in a manner outside of the environments scope, we will decide the consequences of their actions weighted upon the facts and circumstances of the event. A sample of the consequences could be a simple warning and reminder of the environment in which we wish to operate; to permanent banning and removal from all aspects of our organization.

At times we role-play negative aspects of personalities, but we need to remember that is in a fictional game and is not tolerated OOC in any form. We all have bad days, but a minute of common courteousness goes the distance. All problems that need further attention within Paper Cut Dreams should be sent to [email protected]. All problems within the chat, not already dealt with by the Council, should be sent to [email protected].

We hope you will enjoy the environment at Paper Cut Dreams, you are a part of our environment and we care.

As we strive to provide you with the best environment, we ask in return that you uphold our standards, on a personal level, in dealing with our organization and its projects. All site members and guests are responsible for knowing the information contained in the CoC.

Recommended age for Paper Cut Dreams members

Paper Cut Dreams is a general-purpose site and is designed for use by individuals who are 16 years of age or older. However, some chats do possess “Mature themes and violence” and require parental premission for minor to protect minor and Paper Cut Dreams from unlawful viewing and entry into these areas. Some content and links on the Internet may contain mature content and may not be suitable for children. We encourage parents to join their children as they surf and explore the Internet.

Keep it legal

Paper Cut Dreams does not allow any illegal activities. Paper Cut Dreams is not responsible for anything you say or do on any of our supported online or offline forums, or for any consequences that arise from what you say or do. If you break the law, you alone will be responsible for the consequences.

• You cannot use Paper Cut Dreams to publish, post, distribute, or disseminate defamatory, infringing, obscene, sexual, or other unlawful material, images, text, or information along with any harassing or disruptive behaviors.

• You may not use Paper Cut Dreams services for chats relating to illegal drugs or illegal purposes.

• You may not use any chat, profile, or other Paper Cut Dreams service for the purpose of linking to external sites that violate this Code of Conduct.

Do not post links to any materials (including software and other information) that could harm (or is designed to harm) other users' computers or would allow others to inappropriately access software or Web sites.

The Code of Conduct

Paper Cut Dreams, reserves the right, but does not assume the responsibility, to restrict communication which Paper Cut Dreams and its respective chats deem in its discretion to be harmful to individual guests and players, damaging to the communities which make up Paper Cut Dreams Community, or in violation of Paper Cut Dream’s or any third-party rights. Some chat’s under Paper Cut Dreams do allow for a more mature and violent behavior in which a require electronic agreement is made to sign-up. They will contain their own Code of Conduct.

These rules are to be enforced without exception. Holding a certain position will not protect one from the enforcement of these rules. These rules have been created with the best interests of the players, Paper Cut Dreams, and its respective chats in mind. Our intention is to provide a fun and enjoyable environment for all who wish to participate.

Prohibited chat room, e-mail lists or groups, and Paper Cut Dreams online Forums behaviors include (but are not limited to):

• profanity, vulgarity, or explicit content For example: (unless on a designated mature chat)

o "masking" by using alternative characters/spellings and spaces to get around profanity filters, leet-speak, and combinations of words that produce an offensive result

o "filter testing"

o discussion of or in-character enactments of "cybering" of sexually explicit material

o discussion of or in-character enactments of graphic violence or bloodletting

• hate speech (e.g. racial, ethnic, sexist, and religious slurs)

• promotion of or engaging in certain illegal activities, specifically, drugs, drug paraphernalia, computer hacking, copyright violations, rape or solicitation of a minor

• impersonation of another person, character, site staff or Paper Cut Dreams staff by either screen name or self-representation on Paper Cut Dreams forums or elsewhere (e.g. faking a screen name by using similar-looking characters, "spoofing" speech in a chat room, or claiming to hold an official title or position relating to the site)

• harassment of another person or screen name (e.g. flaming or continued personal attacks on the groups, OOC harassment about IC actions, and "IC harassment" without purpose.)

• spamming through repeated posts, or off-topic content by word or intent to boards or lists (e.g. scrolling, flooding, polling, or by "bumping" a boards post more than once in 48 hours)

• using “load bearing” applications while on online forums which cause lag or lock-ups, using multiple chat logins at a single time when lag or lock-ups occur

• advertising a business or commercial site or advertising us on other gaming system without prior approval from Paper Cut Dreams and the chat system

• attempts to reregister a banned screen name a variation of a banned name, or declarations under a new screen name that you are "really" the banned name or attempts to re-subscribe to a e-mail list under another address after being put on REVIEW by the list moderator. (for further explanation, see below)

• off-topic posts or casual chat/IC play in the wrong chat rooms For example:

o out of character chat design to be disruptive or yelling (ALL CAPS)

o out-of-character chat in designated in-character rooms

o casual chat or non-combat play in designated combat-only rooms, or, conversely, combat play in non-combat rooms

o casual chat or free-form role-play in designated structured rules/dice-based game rooms

o at PCD and respective chat’s discretion, off-topic chat or posts in topic-specific rooms/forums

• cheating, using hack cheats or abusing loop holes

• disrespecting, harassing, or arguing with chat administration or volunteer staff once a decision has be made, questions and concerns should be taken privately and respectfully, if you still feel the decision is wrong you can address the mediation group

• Should you find yourself ejected from a game for whatever reason you are not to return to the game and be obnoxious to the host or the players of the game

• all screen names must conform to all the above Code of Conduct rules. Additionally, names

o must not include protocol prefixes and domain suffixes (e.g. http://, .org, .com), be a reference to a business, or be construed as an advertisement

o must not harm the reputation of another player, or any Paper Cut Dreams Community or its respective chat’s personnel by intent or effect

o must not be or reference offensive or notorious persons, controversial political figures, or cultural tragedies

o must not contain discernibly inappropriate abbreviations and acronyms

o must not contain copyrighted characters, names thereof, copyrighted material, or representation of famous, sport, or thereof.

o Must not be listed in a database listed on another chat, represent a dead character on another chat.

o Names must by original in naming and representation (meaning concept).

These disruptive behaviors are grounds for removal; Paper Cut Dreams and its respective chat’s staff representatives and site administrators are the final judges of whether a guest's behavior qualifies as inappropriate or a disruption. Paper Cut Dreams reserves the right to ban a user at any time, without notice, from any or all areas of Paper Cut Dreams for any violations of the Code of Conduct, disruptive behaviors as decided by Paper Cut Dreams, or abusing the public communication tools.

Note: You are responsible and liable for all your activities on Paper Cut Dreams forums and its respective chats. Remember, you are responsible for anything you say or post and for protecting your own computer system. Paper Cut Dreams gives you the ability to create your own profiles on its respective chats. Paper Cut Dreams takes no responsibility for ratings or content, nor any activities resulting from use of these profiles.

Paper Cut Dreams reserves the right to remove at any time, without notice, any user-created content from their site. Some areas of the Paper Cut Dreams’ respective chats may post Internet Web-site links. Please be advised that Paper Cut Dreams is not responsible for the content on the Web sites associated with the links you may view. Some content and links on the Internet may contain adult content and may not be suitable for children. We encourage parents to join their children as they surf and explore the Internet.

You are responsible for any actions you may take based on advice or information you receive online. Use your own good judgment when evaluating information provided through Paper Cut Dreams forums or its respective chats . Remember that the information provided could be from people of any age and experience level. The decision to conduct transactions with anyone is your own, and you should do your own research prior to making any decisions.

We caution you against giving out personally identifiable information (such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, names and addresses, telephone numbers, driver license numbers) to strangers online, as this information may be used for illegal or harmful purposes.

Paper Cut Dreams reverses the right to change or update any of Code of Conduct, Staff guidelines, or any applicable rules, regulations or policies dealing with Paper Cut Dreams or its respective chats at anytime and without notification.

The Code of Conduct

(the short version)

Short and sweet.

Behave yourself. Treat other people you encounter in the rooms just as you would treat them in person-politely.

If a member of Paper Cut Dreams community cannot behave, moderators or site administrators will block the person's username so he or she cannot log in again. This prevents further abuse in the chat rooms and on the message boards.

Disciplinary Procedures

Generally, a Paper Cut Dreams or its respecting chat’s moderator, or site administration will first warn a patron that he or she has committed a CoC infraction, either in chat or by email. Further offenses will result in a stronger action which might include a warn via email, the patron's being "booted" from the chat room, muting the account, account deactivation or loss of screen name.

At the point of screen name loss, the patron is welcome to register a new name, with the stipulation that it not be a look-alike, variation of, or reference to the lost name. Doing so will only result in that name being revoked as well. The user must get a new name altogether.

Please note, this does not mean you can expect three "new" warnings for the new screen name. Warnings are cumulative to the user, not a screen name. Immediately logging back in or posting under another name and breaking the CoC yet again may get that name stripped as well without the usual warnings. Someone who has become an habitual offender beyond these measures risks banning from the site as a whole.

Violations of a specific chat system rules generally are not treated in the same manner as violations of the Code of Conduct are. See the chat's FAQ, disclaimer, CoC if you have questions on how those types of violations are handled.

These procedures are only meant to be rough guidelines, as each chat, group, room situation is different and may require other measures to ensure the family/player orientation of the site. Situations that often require harsher action are: scheduled chats with a guest speaker, very full rooms where Paper Cut Dreams moderator-to-patron ratio is low, out-of-hand flame wars, and flagrant and/or intentional disregard for the CoC.

You Can Make Paper Cut Dreams a Better Place

Our moderators can't be everywhere at once. Therefore, if you witness actions in chat, groups, rooms or any other Paper Cut Dreams online forum that you believe harms a guest, damages Paper Cut Dreams Community and its respective chats, or violates Paper Cut Dreams' or some third-party's rights, please make a note of the time/place where the event occurred, Screen shot, and contact a Paper Cut Dreams or respective chat’s moderator or site admin immediately.

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